Using Innovation to Increase Sales

  1. Innovative sales & marketing techniques
    – Looking at situations from multiple points of view simultaneously
    – Make your marketing strategy innovative to outpace competitors
    – How to think like a marketing consultant
  1. Acquiring the Creative Attitude
    – The creative attitude, & how to acquire it
    – Assumptions, how to use them to your advantage
    – Increasing your ability to think out of the box, exercises
    – Reversal thinking & other innovative marketing strategies
    – Problem solving, exercises
  1. Innovation and Marketing
    – How to connect with more people than you do now
    – Understanding sales from other vital perspectives, examples
    – Separating core issues from minor issues, exercises
    – How to shift from one mindset to another, the key to success
  1. Building a solid system and network
    – Marketing and innovation, links in common
    – How to teach others to be more innovative, building your team
    – Idea generation, organizing brainstorming sessions that work
    – The changing face of sales and marketing, 2018 and beyond

 Leverage proven innovation techniques to boost sales & create marketing opportunities
 Make your teams more creative
 Enable participants to look at situations from the customer perspective
 Trains people to assume less, allowing them to see ideas & solutions they normally overlook

  • Individuals who have never studied HRM
  • Individuals who love HRM
  • Individuals who want to change career toward HRM
  • Junior HR staff who want to reinforce profession
  • Senior HR staff who want to reinforce certain aspects of HRM
  • Managers who want to effectively manage employees/subordinates
  • Companies and enterprises want to train their HR staff
  • Before course date 3 months: 10% discount (A)
  • 3 persons: 5% discount (B1)
  • 5 persons: 7% discount (B2)
  • 10 persons: 10% discount (B3)
  • Every combo 3 courses with total 5 days training: additional 5% discount (C)
  • Clients cand utilize A+B+C for 25% discount

Trainer: Dr. Art Gogatz  gorgart

Associate Professor Art Gogatz is from New York City. He has taught in 22 different countries worldwide (including Vietnam) and has been to over 100. The majority of Art’s teaching is on the graduate (MBA) level. He is Director General of the World Innovation Team, an education and consulting company  based in California. He has 35 years of teaching and consulting experience in innovation and marketing. Art has written 3 books on Business Innovation. Workshop participants will receive a complimentary soft copy of his most widely read book on innovation, which has been translated into Russian and Chinese