HR Manager – Code: HRM-VNC


Location: At GPO’s client company – work in Thuong Tin – Ha Tay
Job description:
Manage, monitor and urge all aspects of human resource management including:
– Develop recruitment process and policy, plan recruitment and attract candidates
– Deploying and organizing the recruitment in time according to business development needs and strategy of the company
– Plan and develop human resources. Implement training, management, monitoring and evaluation workers in the company.
– In charge of salary, bonus, welfare, job evaluation
– In charge of other office matters
– Have at least 5 years of experience working in the same position
– Candidates with experience in manufacturing
– University degree or higher in Social Studies, Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Economics, Labor Law
– Good communication, presentation and teamwork skills
– Experienced in solving problems
– Agile, enthusiastic, honest and responsible
– Ability to work under pressure and good management
– Salary and bonus discussed in the interview
– Professional working environment, high self-control
– Other attractive welfare schemes as stipulated by the company.
How to apply:
– Candidates interested to send CV by email / with the title: Full Name-Year-Employment Code. Example: Nguyen Anh Quang – 1985-CRM-VNC
– Contact: Anh Quang – 0247 109 6868
– Deadline: The sooner you apply for interviews, the sooner you will be interviewed