Talk show: HR practice and integration


In March of 2015, GPO held a talk show tittled “HR practice and integration”, attracted over 300 participants who concerned about learning and practicing HRM, especially during this new era of integration. The show was joined by HR specialist Yen Do, CEO of GPO – Grow People and Organizations as well as many other experienced HR specialists. Ms. Yen Do graduated with highest honor from the MBA program of the University of Hawaii, USA. She had had 20 years practicing HR, held great responsibilities as key managers in large corporations such as HR director, Training director at LG Electronics, Director of HR and regional recruitment at Nortel Networks, Vice President at Techcombank AMC and currently CEO of GPO – Grow People and Organizations.


During the talk show, specialists shared with audience their devotion and experience in HRM, the ups and downs in this line work. More importantly, during the era of integration, as opportunities and challenges intertwined, HR managers would need new skillset to help CEOs sail the business ships not only to ensure the lives of the people on board but also to reach an even better horizon.