Seminar: “Human resource management and opportunities in 2017”


On Saturday, March 4th, 2017, GPO successfully held the seminar: “Human resource management and opportunities in 2017” with the participation of many who are interested in human resource management and speaker Yen Do, GPO’s managing director.

Ms. Yen Do introduced many general concepts of human resource management (HRM). She pointed out all of HR practices as well as how to practice it, what the working environment is like, who are suitable for the line of work, and how it is different from other field.


The participants were all attracted by her career path, from an intern to the key positions such as Head of HR, then director of general affairs of a big bank and now managing director of GPO which is a HR service provider.

She also advised young people who love HR practice to actively study because it is the only way to understand and be able to do the job, and then it will become your forte and might bring you success.

Job opportunities in the field of HRM are various from recruitment to training, employee relation, compensation and benefit, HR business partner, etc. The more enormous and professional the company is, the more it needs to develop a thorough HRM system with specialized positions, especially in the new era of integration as Vietnam had joined with global labor market which requires candidates to improve their skills and knowledge everyday.


Ms. Yen Do will reveal more details of her some-20-year-of-experience in the training course Human Resource Specialist on Sunday, April 9th, 2017. Especially, GPO will discount on the occasion of springtime. For more detail, please click: “TRAINING COURSE: HUMAN RESOURCE SPECIALIST”