Module 1: Summary of HR management

–          Summary of HR practice
–          Designing and analyzing jobs
–          Evaluating jobs’ value

Module 2: Recruitment

–          Recruitment needs and recruitment plan
–          Recruitment and selection skills
–          Interviewing skills and categorizing applicants.
–          Negotiating skill and managing chosen candidates

Module 3: Training

–          Training needs and plans.
–          Training process.
–          Practicing Training
–          Evaluation

Module 4: HR arrangement, determination and discharge.

–          Transfer
–          Promotion
–          Demotion
–          Discharge

Module 5: Performance Management

–          Process of assessment
–          Methods of assessment
–          Practicing assessment
–          Using assessment results
–          Conducting job description

Module 6: Salary, rewards and benefits

–          Principles of payment and payment mechanism.
–          Allowances and treats within organizations
–          Laws of payment
–          Practice calculating salary

Module 7: Laws of labor

–          Laws of labor
–          Laws of union
–          Laws of social insurance.
–          Laws of medical insurance, personal income taxes.

Being conducted base on the combination of international materials and research of customer’s situation, the program is highly specific and related to each customer. We redesigned the lecture’s content after carefully researching BIDV’s products, people and problems in order to maximally satisfy your needs.

Significant characteristics of GPO’s Modern HR executive training course”:

  • Being able to practice real case studies from real enterprises with each module. Lecture was reviewed and selected based on the combination of academic professional knowledge and reality of enterprises. Learners can practice as soon as they finished the course.
  • Always updates with international and regional modern HR management trends (materials extracted from HR management program of Singapore Human Resources Institute), combines with reality of Vietnamese enterprises.
  • Trainers with experience in HR practicing, who come from big, multinational corporations with many years of experience in modern HR managing and business administration.
  • Being instructed to conduct specific forms, documents with each module and its requirements.
  • Certificate after finishing the course
  • Free to participate in HR conference organized by GPO.
  • Individuals who have never studied HRM
  • Individuals who love HRM
  • Individuals who want to change career toward HRM
  • Junior HR staff who want to reinforce profession
  • Senior HR staff who want to reinforce certain aspects of HRM
  • Managers who want to effectively manage employees/subordinates
  • Companies and enterprises want to train their HR staff

Ms.Yen Do: yen-do-picture1
She has had almost 20 years of experience in human resource management and corporate consult, training and development;
She used to work at high managerial positions in multinational corporations such as HR Director, Training Director at LG corp., HR and Regional Recruitment Director at Nortel Networks, Vice President at Techcombank AMC… She is one of the top experts in the market in the field of recruitment, training and development, corporate consulting organizational restructuring and capacity improvement.

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  • Ngày khai giảng:
  • Lớp: HRS01
  • Thời lượng: 7 Days
  • Học phí: On the occasion of New Year, DIscount 40% - 6.000.000 VND