Following up the success of “Self identification – Career orientation” conference (May 25th, 2016), in the evening of November 7th, 2016, at USSH’s grand hall (8th floor, block E), GPO deployed the first course of the “Soft skills for students” program, titled “Establish and manage personal goals”. The program consists of 7 modules which refer to 7 essential skill groups related to self management, time management, communication and presentation skills, etc. These modules will help students sharpen skills which are necessary for their employment after graduation. By fulfilling that, they will be more ready for the jobs, and thus, save them as well as their employers massive amount of time and effort in training that would otherwise needed.

Participants included Assoc. Prof. Hoang Anh Tuan PhD – USSH’s Vice Principal, Mr. Dao Manh Quan – Deputy manager of Educating department, the session trainer – Ms. Yen Do MBA – GPO’s CEO as well as other trainers and nearly 500 USSH’s students.

“Soft skills are truly important and necessary” – once again, Assoc. Prof. Hoang Anh Tuan PhD – USSH’s Vice President addressed how important soft skills were for students. He also emphasized that in order to get a good job, a person would need 3 things: “Solid professional knowledge, good skills and proper attitude”.


“Self identification, setting personal goals, planning for the future…” were the basic concepts Ms. Yen Do would like to share with the students attending this course. So let’s go addressing your strengths and weaknesses, hopes and dreams, personal goals and action plans in order to “map” and navigate through all the storms, cross the sea of life and reach the new horizons of success and happiness faster and easier.



During the course, students were engaged in group activities and practices as well as exchanging with lecturer to address all their issues and learn from her experience… Such activities helped diminish the students’ timidity and raise their enthusiasm to share, discuss and engage.

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Luong Khanh Trinh, student from Department of Political Science, conquered his fear of public speaking and shared his strengths, weaknesses and dreams with 450 fellow participants. He found the course helpful for raising students’ awareness of the threats and opportunities in life that they had not realized before.




The 10-minute test at the end of the course was the chance for students to evaluate how much they had learned as well as revise the course content. GPO hoped that the students would be able to absorb and apply what lecturer had shared as well as practice daily to make it all theirs.