Change management


Part 1: Why change?

  •  Opportunities and challenges of globalization. Change or “die”
  •  Importance and impact of change
  •  Change and get off the track

Part 2: Analyze the environment that leads to change

  •  Macroscopic environment analysis
  •  Operation and microscopic environment analysis
  •  Categorize changes
  •  Orientation for the future

Part 3: The process of change

  •  The objectives of change
  •  Action plan and deploying
  •  Media and train employees for changes
  •  Standardize the new application during change
  •  Conduct and apply new culture
  •  Supervising and evaluating changes
  • – Adjusting the plan properly

Part 4: Barriers

  • The reason why we don’t change
  •  Classify employees during change
  •  Barriers and how to overcome

Part 5: Truth about change

  •  What is happening in reality?
  •  Why do companies fail at changing?
  •  Precious lessons regarding change

Part 6: Maintaining the change

Practice case studies

Part 7: Post-course action plan

Conduct action plan for after the course

Part 8: Test

Take a 15-question-test

Today, when every aspect of our lives is continuously developing, change is persistent and essential. This course was designed to help participants understand and adapt with changes in work as well as in life. At the end of the course, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Explain the nature of change
  • Have good knowledge regarding the role of managers in times of change
  • Identify the impact of change toward employees
  • Explain the mental process during times of change
  • Deploy effectively the process of applying change
  • Leaders and managers
  • Enterprises employees

Ms.Yen Do: yen-do-picture1
She has had almost 20 years of experience in human resource management and corporate consult, training and development;
She used to work at high managerial positions in multinational corporations such as HR Director, Training Director at LG corp., HR and Regional Recruitment Director at Nortel Networks, Vice President at Techcombank AMC… She is one of the top experts in the market in the field of recruitment, training and development, corporate consulting organizational restructuring and capacity improvement.