Time Management skills


Part 1: How do we use our time?

  • Activity: Using 24 hours of a day
  • Identify elements of time-wasting
  • Daily planner notebook

Part 2: Set out objectives

  • SMART objectives
  • Personal and work objectives
  • Action plan

Part 3: Planning and prioritizing tasks

  • Classify the level of importance and priority of tasks
  • Case study: Xuan’s time table

Part 4: Assigning work

  • Assigning work and things to consider before assigning work
  • Identify the best-suited personnel for the job
  • The process of assigning job/work
  • Is it possible to assign work for your superiors?
  • Practicing

Part 5: Personal organizing and arranging

  • Arranging your desk and documents
  • Handling phone calls
  • Organizing email system
  • Carrying out document reading tasks
  • Personal supporting
  • Deal with hesitation


The course was designed to provide learners skills and tools to more effectively use their time. At the end of the course, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Set out work and non-work objectives
  • Transform long term goals into actions within months, weeks and days
  • Set priority and timetable for daily tasks by combining tools such as diary, notes and organize work space properly
  • Properly share work/workload
  • Organize personal plan properly
  • Leaders and managers
  • Employees
  • All individuals who want to improve this skills

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