Profile and job search


Part 1: Summary of profile and jobsearch

  • – The importance of the profile
  • – The components of a complete and professional profile
  • – CV – the essential element of the profile
  • – Difference between the wanted jobs and the suitable jobs

Part 2: Conduct a profile

  • – How to have an impressive CV
  • – How to write an appropriate cover letter
  • – Some notice when conducting a profile
  • – Adjusting the profile to suit the job
  • – Profile to work abroad

Part 3: Job search

  • – Identify and balance between the wanted jobs and the suitable jobs
  • – Job search channels and how to gather information
  • – Apply directly or via email
  • – Some notice when contacting the employers

Part 4: The interview

  • – Prepare for the interview
  • – Dress appropriately
  • – How to appropriately answer the interviewers’ questions
  • – Unexpected problems and how to handle them
  • – Some useful tips for the interview

Part 5: Win the employer over

  • – First day at work
  • – How to behave and respond to colleagues
  • – Working behaviors and attitudes
  • – Important things to pay attention to

The course was designed to help learners have a correct understanding of the importance of a appropriate profile as well as how to have a suitable job. At the end of the course, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Acknowledge the importance of profile
  • The content of a complete and professional profile
  • Know how to have an impressive and professional profile
  • Know how to write CVs and cover letters
  • Conduct an appropriate profile for working abroad
  • Know and utilize job searching channels and methods
  • Know how to appropriately engage an interview
  • Win the employer over after the trial period
  • Fresh graduates or undergraduates
  • Graduated students and individuals who haven’t found a suitable job
  • Individuals who want to look for another job

Thông tin chung

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  • Ngày khai giảng:
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  • Thời lượng: 1-2 days
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