Presentation skills


Part 1: Presentation and presentation skills

  • Purposes and goals of a presentation
  • The importance of presentation skills
  • Factors which cause a presentation to fail

Part 2: Prepare for the presentation

  • The purpose of the presentation
  • Get to know the audience and their way of thinking
  • Conduct the content of the presentation
  • The structure of a solid presentation
  • The rules to conduct a presentation
  • Practicing for the presentation

Part 3: Deliver the presentation

  • Professional presentation style
  • Grasp the audience’s mental process and how to handle it
  • Q&A
  • Handling arise challenges

Part 4: Necessary supporting tools and skills

The course was designed to help learners be confident to deliver their presentations effectively and scientifically. At the end of the course, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Be confident to deliver business plan, presentation, speech to the crowd
  • Fully grasp and control elements affect the effectiveness of the presentation
  • Flexibly utilize presentation support tools
  • Know how to perceive and reflex information, lead and attract audience
  • Solve common problems
  • Leaders and managers of all levels
  • Specialists, senior employees
  • Salesmen, customer service representatives

Ms.Yen Do: yen-do-picture1
She has had almost 20 years of experience in human resource management and corporate consult, training and development;
She used to work at high managerial positions in multinational corporations such as HR Director, Training Director at LG corp., HR and Regional Recruitment Director at Nortel Networks, Vice President at Techcombank AMC… She is one of the top experts in the market in the field of recruitment, training and development, corporate consulting organizational restructuring and capacity improvement.