Establishing teamwork mindset and employee motivation


On June 26th 2016, GPO delivered successfully the training course for mid-level-and-above managers came from large enterprises in Thanh Hoa province regarding “Establishing teamwork mindset and employee motivation”.

To the most of employees, job satisfaction means a lot. It helped to create a positive, passionate and productive work environment bringing higher result. You want your employees to be cheerful, proactive and well performed? The right question is how to motivate employees to reach highest effectiveness. The “Establishing teamwork mindset and employee motivation” training course had provided the answer which came from one of the top master in HR practices, Ms. Yen Do, CEO of GPO – Grow People and Organizations.


                                                  Ms. Yen Do and the managers in Thanh Hoa prvince


The case studies and role plays attracted all managers to take part in and by doing so, they achieved themselves a lot of practical experience to apply to their work.


Group activity

“Each and everyone is unique, therefore it’s very important to find out what to know in order to motivate employees most effectively and treat them appropriately”. This is what a participated manager realized during the course which he decided to apply it to the maximum potential.


Group presentation: best ways of motivation

The “Establishing teamwork mindset and employee motivation” training course had brought new practical knowledge and experience for the enterprises’ managers in Thanh Hoa province. It helped them not only motivate their employees but also raise their own enthusiasm and self motivation.