Establish compensation scales and benefits


Part 1: Summary

  • The composition of the compensation system
  • Related legal regulation
  • 3P rules

Part 2: Establish the compensation system

  • Analyze human’s needs
  • Analyze the jobs
  • Establish job descriptions
  • Evaluate job performance
  • Establish payment, reward policies and other types of compensation

Part 3: Supporting tools and methods

  • BSC
  • KPIs

The course was designed to help HR staff understand compensation scales and benefits which and be able to establish an appropriate one for an enterprise. At the end of the course, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Fully understand the importance of an appropriate compensation scales and benefits
  • Know the legal base to establish an appropriate compensation scales and benefits
  • The process and regulation of registering compensation scales
  • Evaluate each position within the enterprise in order to appropriately establish compensation scales and benefits
  • Handle all related problems
    • High-level leaders, companies owners
    • HR department, planning board, trade-union’s members

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