Effective meeting training course – GPO – Sunhouse


On July 9th 2016, GPO and Sunhouse signed the contract to establish the training course of “Effective meeting skills” for mid and high level staff at Sunhouse’s factory.

Kỹ năng tổ chức và điều hành cuộc họp hiệu quả

One of the most complained issues in the vast majority of organizations is meeting. It is usually considered to be time wasting, especially in Vietnam. In fact, meeting is a good place to maintain organizational cultures and a bonding work environment, a way of telling everyone “You are a part of us”.


If you establish boring, ineffective and time wasting meetings, people will tend to believe that this is a boring, ineffective and time wasting organization as well. In contrary, effective meetings will send a message saying “This is an amazing organization to work with”

In order for a meeting to be successful, the participants, especially the chairman, must possess certain skills to manage it.



The case studies were derived straight from Sunhouse’s departments, the bugging issues of the company were bought out to be solve easily and quickly just within the session.


The participants had the chance to approach new up-to-date knowledge delivered in a scientific manner which help bring a comfortable and interesting vibe to the course.
The course ended successfully bringing joy to both GPO and Sunhouse. This had marked the opening of a promissing long term partnership in the future.
Participants received certificate of completion at the end of the course