Seminar: “Human resource management and opportunities in 2017”


On Saturday, March 4th, 2017, GPO successfully held the seminar: “Human resource management and opportunities in 2017” with the participation of many who are interested in human resource management and speaker Yen Do, GPO’s managing director. Ms. Yen Do introduced many general concepts of human resource management (HRM). She pointed out all of HR practices […]

Career opportunities for National Economics University’s fresh graduated (EDUTOP program)


On Saturday, October 15th 2016, in the cheerful vibe as NEU celebrated its 60th anniversary of establishment, the graduation ceremony for NEU’s EDUTOP students took place in the school’s main hall. GPO’s Managing Director, Ms. Yen Do, was invited to share her knowledge and experience for the fresh graduated, especially regarding challenges and opportunities they […]

Effective meeting training course – GPO – Sunhouse


On July 9th 2016, GPO and Sunhouse signed the contract to establish the training course of “Effective meeting skills” for mid and high level staff at Sunhouse’s factory. One of the most complained issues in the vast majority of organizations is meeting. It is usually considered to be time wasting, especially in Vietnam. In fact, […]