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Trưởng Phòng Kiểm Toán – MTD: TP–KT–AC


* Mức lương: Từ 15 Triệu * Địa chỉ làm việc: Hà nội * Ngành nghề: Kế Toán Kiểm Toán * Mô tả công việc  – Quản lý nhân sự và công việc bộ phận – Theo dõi giao việc, kiểm soát và thực hiện tổng hợp nghiệp vụ – Tuyển dụng, đào tạo nhân […]

Chief Executive Officer – Code: CEO – PL


* Address: At GPO’s client company – in Vientiane, Laos * Salary: From $5000 * Industry: Hotel and travelling service * Job Description: Job description for “Chief Executive Officer”  are as following: – Take charge of creating plans and strategies for the company. Present to BOD and executive business strategies to expand brand recognition, growth […]

Sales and Marketing Director – Code: SMD – PL


* Address: At GPO’s client company – in Vientiane, Laos * Salary: From $3000 * Job Description: – Create marketing plans, strategies and execute. Advise board of director in marketing plan. – Search and identify marketing channels. – Manage and supervise effective advertisement plan – Build and prose strategic partnership to expand company’s branding – […]

Human Resource Manager – Code: HRM-OA


Address: Ninh So, Tin Thuong, Hanoi Salary: From $1000  Job Description: – Establish recruitment process and policy, create recruitment plan and attract candidates – Execute and organize recruitment procedure timely according to business development plan and company’s strategy – Establish, plan and execute performance assessment system for the company – Create training and development plan […]

Plant Manager – Code: PM-O


Address: Hà Tây, Hà Nội Salary: from $3000  Job Description: This role takes responsibility for the production performance of the plant: – Be accountable for the achievement of plant performance and product quality – Manage operation including manufacturing and maintenance of the factory – Manage employees relation and safety – Manage and improve deployment or […]