Career orientation with over 1000 students of Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST)


On October 2015, GPO – Grow People and Organizations’ CEO, Ms. Yen Do had the honor to share some advice in a career orientation session for over 1000 HUST’s students.
To have a job after graduation and to compete in integrated environment have always been troublesomes for students.


In addition to the academic knowledge, foreign language, computer skills and soft skills are must-have assets for fresh graduated students.
Students need to collect and improve those skills by learning, practicing and overcoming challenges through experiencing more and more in order to master them.
“Sweating more on training field, bleeding less on battle field”. The more they practice, the sharper their skillset will be, and opportunities will open up for them to seize. Success only come to those who dare: dare to try, dare to overcome and dare to achieve.