BSC and KPIs – Establishment and Management


Part 1: Summary of performance management and evaluation

  • Job performance
  • The importance of evaluation

Part 2: BSC

  • What is BSC?
  • The role and meaning of BSC
  • Application condition
  • Pros and cons
  • Identify strategies and objectives of short, mid and long term for the enterprise
  • Enterprise strategic objectives BSC
  • Individual, group, board, department objectives BSC

Part 3: KPIs

  • What is KPIs?
  • The role and meaning of KPIs
  • Identify KPIs for each and every strategy, position, job
  • Complete KPIs management system as well as its execution

Part 4: Combining BSC and KPIs

The course was designed to help learners understand BSC and KPIs as well as know how to use BSC and KPIs effectively in management. At the end of the course, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Understand BSC and KPIs systematically
  • Fully grasp the process of establishing and deploying BSC and KPIs to manage and evaluate work performance within Vietnamese enterprises
  • Possess necessary tools to deploy
  • Establish training and compensation systems based on BSC and KPIs
  • Apply BSC and KPIs to restructure organizations
  • Leaders, high and mid-level managers
  • Planning board, HR department members
  • Individuals and group assigned to restructure organizations

Ms.Yen Do: yen-do-picture1
She has had almost 20 years of experience in human resource management and corporate consult, training and development;
She used to work at high managerial positions in multinational corporations such as HR Director, Training Director at LG corp., HR and Regional Recruitment Director at Nortel Networks, Vice President at Techcombank AMC… She is one of the top experts in the market in the field of recruitment, training and development, corporate consulting organizational restructuring and capacity improvement.