Business Process Outsourcing: Administration, Human Resource management, training process in-house, staffing, payroll and PIT clearance, etc. We help our clients minimize their time on admin job for human resource management issue then focus their effort on core business, their core clients and their capacity
GPO provides service of restructuring, HR consulting on building competency framework, total rewards system management, talent system management, career roadmap management, standardize and optimize work processes, Job descriptions, consult to build up organizational performance evaluation systems, BSC, KPIs and how to improve company productivity.


Cuối Tháng 3 là thời điểm nước rút mà các em học sinh lớp 12 đến gần hơn với những quyết định quan trọng cho tương lai nghề nghiệp của mình. Ngày 23.03.2019 vừa qua,...

  • The trainer’s knowledge is very deep and vast, the delivering was attractive and easy to understand with many case studies in between had helped us transfer our company’s messages to all of the employees. Thanks...

    Mr Nguyen Chi Dung Chairman of the Board of Directors – Vifranco

  • The course was very practical with helpful case studies, Ms. Yen Do’s mesmerizing delivery influenced us to improve presentation skill. Such quality courses should be frequently organized to boost employee development

    Mr. Le Khac Hieu Marketing Manager – Biovagen

  • From a manager’s perspective, I find that the course has met our company’s expectations. Our staff were very enthusiastic with it. I can feel the values Ms.Yen Do brought to them.
    Chị Đoàn Nguyệt Hằng

    Ms. Nguyen Doan Nguyet Hang President – BiovaGen